Retraumatization is a conscious or unconscious reminder of past trauma that results in experiencing of the initial traumatic event. This can lead to recurrence of acute PTSD symptoms, and can be triggered by a situation, attitude or expression, or by certain environments that replicate the dynamics of the original trauma.

Retraumatization causes a decrease in trust, an increase of self-harm behaviours and risk-taking, a decrease in the willingness to engage in treatment, and experiencing the symptoms and emotions from previous traumas which can take on a delusional entity.

Retraumatization can be made temporary with treatment however can be terrifying because it returns the sufferer to the most painful moment of their lives. Past trauma is he lives with an air of authenticity and detail.

Causes of retraumatization could include violence, aggression, unhelpful therapy, but surprisingly can also occur by watching things that relate similarly to the personal initial trauma.

Retraumatization is a Relapse but it doesn't put you back to square one, it should never be used as a reason to surrender to your trauma. Treatment isn't a quick fix for PTSD or c-ptsd and it seems some degree of retraumatization is normal and to be expected, however it does require us to be aware of and work through issues related to this
Currently we are conducting research into the causes of trauma. I have included a link to the survey here :

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