Boundaries are not rules but more like guiding principles we set for ourselves.

Every relationship has its own set of boundaries which we set. Boundaries allow an individual to experience comfortable interaction and dependence within a relationship if they are healthy, however individuals who experience unhealthy boundaries will ultimately face difficulties in their general lives which can result in retraumatization for victims with PTSD and CPTSD.

Healthy boundaries are important for emotional safety and maintaining a good relationship requires appropriate boundaries. Baring in mind that every relationship will come with its own set of boundaries e.g. physical boundaries will be different for work colleagues compared with family.

Boundaries can change just like relationships can, they are set differently depending on the relationship it involves, the role within the relationship and the Expectations for our relationship.

If we don't have boundaries, life would feel unclear and chaotic as well as unsafe. Healthy boundaries are important to maintain safety, to reduce the risk of revictimization and maintain an adequate balance of power within interpersonal relationships.

In order to gain boundaries in a relationship we have to have an assertive communication Style, this can be very difficult to obtain for someone who has also suffered trauma in their life. Often, people who have suffered childhood neglect or trauma have a difficulty between assertive, passive and aggressive communication Styles. It is through maintaining areas of safety and having awareness of this that we can begin to recover a relationships.

Setting appropriate and healthy boundaries can be very difficult but an attainable task that will produce safety and freedom as well as helping to increase our social su pport systems.


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