Trauma research UK

Trauma research UK is a safe and private group found on Facebook which was founded by Nicola Strang on the 2nd of June 2020.

It is run by both Admins; Elena Elliot and Nic Strang in order to raise awareness of trauma and changing how survivors are viewed and treated. The aim of the group is to support survivors of trauma through knowledge and research of all facets of trauma.

Within our group, we have various resources and information available to help those with trauma illnesses navigate their experiences.

Our current unit tab includes articles written by admins, available research categorised by topic amd other useful resources such as helplines and meditation tutorials.


1. Group rules, overview of group, units and resources 

2. Stress management resources - muscle relaxation, stretching to aid anxiety, mindful breathing 

3. Anniversary day self help

4. Recovery journey - exposure therapy, DBT, fear of intimacy, phases of recovery, recovery model, downward spiral and trauma informed therapy 

5. Why we stay in toxic relationships - enabling, childhood trauma is no excuse for abuse, the trauma bond, TED talk, signs of toxic relationships, why we stay

6. Helpline info

7. Overview of trauma - trauma bond, CPTSD symptoms and overview, therapy options, when is it emotional abuse, the cycle of partner abuse, emotional abuse, audio of chapter 1 "the body keeps the score"

8. survival responses - freeze, fight, fawn, neuroscientific development of 4F, possibility of 5F response, pete walker; 4f responses 

9. Time zone convertor 

10.  Treatment methods - trauma informed perspective, CBT, EMDR, downward spiral and failings in cbt, TRUK admin post, DBT

11. Free resources - The body keeps the score, chapters 

12. Self care - boost natural chemicals, ideas for mindfulness, Self care 101 ,self care 
checklist, 151 self care ideas, 12 ways to take better care of yourself 

13. Intergenerational trauma - parents trauma has potential to change childhood biology, how is trauma carried through generations, how trauma in the womb may last generations, trauma in utero

14. Neuropsychology and trauma - brain development, integrative review - emotions and prefrontal cortex, are you left/right brain dominant (quiz), how trauma changes the brain, PTSD impact on brain function 

15. Meditation - 21 day free resource

16. COVID-19 - Possible transgenerational trauma implications, how the pandemic triggers my PTSD, implications for severe mental illness, 

17.  Emotions - emotion labeling, emotional reference sheet

18.  Eating disorders - how trauma effects eating disorders, eating disorders and PTSD, eating disorder helplines, types of eating disorder 

19. Betrayal trauma - explanation, intimacy anorexia, CPTSD and Betrayal trauma, trauma of intimate partner betrayal 

20. Gaslighting - overview, parent/carer within child relationship and relationship gaslighting, 

21. Trauma occurring in childhood - developmental trauma, experiencing childhood trauma makes the body and brain age faster, the cycle of abuse for adult survivors, childhood emotional abuse and attachment, Steps for trying to recover from a narcissistic parent, trauma occurring in the womb, Childhood emotional abuse and attachment, cycle of abuse

22. ACE study - T. R. U. K admin post. 

23. Self esteem - T. R. U. K admin post, trauma self esteem and self image, how developmental trauma impacts self esteem, 
8 ways for trauma survivors to build self esteem

24. Boundaries - T. R. U. K admin post, examples of healthy boundaries, boundaries info sheet (pdf) 

25. Self compassion - self love after abuse, learning to love yourself post trauma, dealing with the inner critic, self esteem and self compassion Tedx video, overview of self compassion video, self compassion resources online 

26. The inner/outer critic - overview outer critic, shrinking the inner critic, overview and coping 


(in order of adding to group) 

1. Abusive vs non abuse table
2. Coping strategies 
3. Reducing your risk of revictimization 
4. Alternative response exercise 
5. Recognising emotions 
6. DBT skills 
7. Thought record sheet
8. Intergenerational trauma 
9. Historical trauma 
10. Exercise, cognition and brain 
11. Growth following trauma 
12. Signs of emotions 
13. CPTSD - Implications for adult's with Autism 
14. UK guidelines on PTSD
15. Pete Walker - from surviving to thriving 
16. Yoga after trauma 
17. Betrayal trauma effects on memory 
18. Original betrayal trauma theory; Sivers, Schooler, and Freyd, 2002
19. 5 cycles of emotional abuse 
20. Cycles of violence 
21. The long shadow - information for survivors of Childhood developmental trauma 
22. Depressive symptoms 
23. Childhood trauma, self esteem and helping behaviour
24. resource; how trauma impacts your mental health 
25. Self care pack for survivors of sexual abuse and rape 
26. Understanding and managing disturbing dreams 
27. Boundaries info sheet
28. Group overview 
29. DBT; Calming the emotional storm
30. Developmental trauma revised

These lists will be updated and added to as accordingly. All info can be found on our Facebook group